An increasing number of sustainability regulations and a multitude of standards - where should I start as a company?

The good news first, digitization and its innovative power offer efficient solutions to avoid getting bogged down in regulatory requirements.

EU taxonomy, supply chain law, counterproposal of the corporate responsibility initiative - various regulations in the field of sustainability are making headlines because they are currently under discussion or have already come into force. As a result, sustainability in the private sector is not only being taken up by communications departments but is increasingly shifting to the executive floors of companies. This change brings opportunities to make the company fit for environmental and social challenges and for dealing with risks!

But how and where to start? Innovative digital tools offer solutions that make it possible to meet regulatory requirements in a targeted manner and to make strategic decisions. For example, the ESG Risk Monitor from Publicom and Eurospider. It combines digital competence with sustainability expertise.

In the first step, the ESG Risk Monitor supports you in clarifying to what extent your company is exposed to an increased risk and affected by certain regulations (ESG Buddy and Act Bot). In the next step, the ESG Risk Monitor provides relevant data that shows risks along business relationships, especially the supply chain (ESG Risk Check and Supply Chain Check). With the Supply Chain Explorer, you can go one step further in depth, using a digital assistant to perform in-depth due diligence on high-risk customers and suppliers. To ensure you don't get lost in the sea of data, our efficient reporting supports you. This way, you can fulfill various reporting obligations and use the data for strategic decisions.

Are you interested in more detailed information about the ESG Risk Monitor? Then contact Selina Haeny ( or test yourself to what extent your company could be affected by the latest regulations in Switzerland with the ESG Buddy (

Selina Haeny, 19.07.2022
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