Meet your regulatory requirements.

The ESG Risk Monitor

Our ESG platform supports your company in your ESG analysis along your supply chain, efficiently managing your ESG data gathered and putting forward your ESG reporting.

ESG regulations are increasingly spilling over from the financial industry to the real economy. The amount of regulations is increasing, but they are also becoming more comprehensive and complex. As a result, companies need to expand their ESG risk management across their supply chain to watch for and report on potential ESG risks.

Our ESG platform helps your company to conduct ESG analysis along your supply chain, to efficiently manage your collected ESG data, and to produce your ESG reporting.

Stay on top of ESG Regulations.

Stay up to date on ESG regulations. Is your company struggling to keep track of the ESG regulatory wave? How should you tackle the German supply chain law or the indirect counter-proposal of the corporate responsibility initiative in Switzerland?

With our ESG Toolbox you arm yourself in time and know which regulation is relevant for your company and how you can meet its requirements - efficiently, transparently and flexibly. Join our ESG Platform and test our flexible tools according to your needs: Explore our ESG Toolkit now.

Professional ESG Management with the ESG Toolkit.

Supply chains are complex to manage and require not only time resources but also appropriate know-how. Our ESG Risk Monitor supports your risk management along your entire supply chain and prevents you from wasting valuable time on data retrieval, management and reporting.

Monitor all relevant ESG risks.

Gain a quick overview of potential ESG risks of your company, but also of your suppliers. The registration process of new suppliers is additionally simplified by our digital tool, although they are also comprehensively checked for possible ESG risks. This ESG Check simplifies your onboarding process and also gives you an overview of your risks along your entire value chain.

Store ESG data securely.

ESG Risk Monitor is one of two Swiss-based companies whose servers are also located near our offices in Zurich. With over 20 years of experience in reputation analysis as well as anti-money laundering, we know exactly how to handle sensitive data. Convince yourself of us and get to know us personally.

Save time with automated ESG reports.

Your time is limited and invaluable. Don’t waste time on tasks that you can outsource to an efficient, automated tool. That’s why we developed ESG Risk Monitor, which makes your life easier while meeting regulatory requirements. Our automated ESG reporting also ensures that you can quickly and clearly present relevant data to customers, suppliers and legislators.

Transparency and access to your ESG data.

For targeted ESG management and strategic decision-making, you need data as a basis. With our ESG Risk Monitor you always have access to your data, and thanks to the automated ESG report you will not lose the overview.

Choose what’s right for your supply chain.

The ESG Toolkit provides you with efficient risk management along the entire supply chain while not neglecting any of your ESG reporting obligations.

Find the right ESG Toolkit for you.

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