We provide sophisticated ESG Risk Monitoring services. Identify, assess and manage your environmental, social and governance risks in complex structures such as large supply chains and projects.
Start now and ask the ESG Buddy for advice:
  • Is there an increased reputational risk for your company?
  • Could you be affected by new regulations?

Your benefits

Knowledge & Prevention
Identify business and reputation risks, act timely
Confidence building
Positive signals for internal and external stakeholders
Complexity reduction through AI-based risk scoring, refined with human expertise

Comprehensive global information retrieval

60 billion sources worldwide
Deep web, online media, KYC data, commercial registers and many more
3'000 in relevant set
Full analysis of best matches, based on artificial intelligence
Top drivers
Identification and assessment of most pressing ESG risks

Safety and independence for your business relationships

International Companies
Large and medium-sized organizations with a complex supply chain
Non-governmental organizations and interest groups
Authorities, public administrations, and procurement bodies
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